Technical Business Writing Internship at the Interoperability Institute

Again exploring the career path of Technical Writing, this position with Interoperability Institute granted me the opportunity to experience the Health IT world. During this experience, I was exposed to an Agile framework where I created Quick Reference Guides to aid our staff in transitioning between instances of Jira. Additionally, I followed a few different Scrum teams and partnered with other technical writers to help write user guides and updates to the company’s software. After Emma and I’s article was published, the Vice President of Interoperability Institute (IOI) approached me regarding performing accessibility tasks and audits for the company. Although this project didn’t come to full fruition because of the conclusion of my experience, it gave me the opportunity to practice writing my own project proposal.

Communication Internship at Alma College

I’ve always been interested in the field of technical writing as well as higher education. Therefore, when the opportunity arose to apply my background in each field, I couldn’t let it pass by. I met with the Registrar of Alma College and worked with her as well as individuals in the Provost’s Office in order to reformat the Academic Catalog into a more user-friendly document. This was only my second real-world application of my work in technical writing, so I was extremely diligent in abiding by strict guidelines in the field. Additionally, as technical writers typically do, I did a fair amount of cross-referencing other college and university catalogs. This practice of cross-referencing included examining other documents to better understand their successes and failures, and the best way to reformat our catalog to achieve the greatest consumer understanding.

New Media Studies Internship at Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum

To explore career paths in the digital field, I participated in a volunteer-based digital marketing internship. It was a particularly fascinating opportunity because I was able to partner with an Advertising and Marketing student from Saginaw Valley State University. This team-based experience helped me apply my media skills and adapt them for a new audience, children, and families. My primary responsibility at the museum was applying my content creation skills and knowledge to promote the museum and their special events.