Academic Writing

As an academic article that is primarily narrative, Emma and I wanted to use this space to raise awareness of accessible practices and technologies that we had put into practice here at the Michigan State University Writing Center.

Content Strategy

My team of Christina Igl, Jason Moeller, Imari Cheyne Tetu, and I, partnered with the MSU Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures and used the semester as an opportunity to focus on building a client-designer relationship. Therefore, we prepared a few different deliverables including a campaign strategy presentation, a quick reference brand and voice guide, and a governance guide.

Grant and Proposal Writing

Industry Experience

After Emma and I’s article was published, the Vice President of Interoperability Institute, Mary Kratz, asked us to guest speak at the monthly all-staff meeting dedicated to discussing a particular topic or reading. In this case, she had asked the company to read our article and present on it. Shortly after, Mary contacted my direct supervisor and I to create a proposal for an accessibility audit series for the company’s materials.

Professional Writing

Experience Architecture

While interviewing for a post-graduate job, I encountered a video interview process that was powered by AI. Many concerns arose for me both during and after the interview, and I began to investigate the technology for user perceptions and experience as well as concerns of accessibility, ethics, and usability.

Writing Program Administration